Missing Customer, Vendor, Employee Lists


One or more of your lists mysteriously disappear. Quickbooks crashes when you try to re-create a list item.


Quickbooks Premier/Pro 2011 or higher. Quickbooks Enterprise 11.0 or higher.


The cause of this issue is either a) Data corruption, b) Incorrect internal sort order, or c) duplicate Indexes in Quickbooks.

Resolution #1: Resort lists

Select the list that is missing. From the menu bar, click View > Resort List.

Resolution #2: Resort Master lists

The following actions will resort the master list:

  1. Click Banking > Write Checks.
  2. Put a checkmark in the 'Include Inactive' checkbox.
  3. Click the 'Pay to the order of' field and press Ctrl+L.
  4. Click the Name button, and select Resort List.

Resolution #3: Quickbooks Rebuild

Rebuild the data file and run a Verify. Next, check if the lists come back.

Resolution #4: Quickbooks File Doctor

Download and install the Quickbooks File Doctor

To send us your data file for data recovery, please click the link below:
Quickbooks Data Recovery Free Evaluation